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Peno is the star of theshow.  He plays pranks
and gives trouble to those who gives him a
hard time or he doesn't like. He enjoys hanging
out with  his canine buds.

 Ralph is one of Peno's buddies. He is the cool one.

Smokey is on of Peno's  pals.  He is only on in the group who is married.  Smokey is totally a henpecked husband.  He'll constantly outsmart his wife just to be with is friends.


Tee is another one of Peno"s buddies.  He is a total womanizer.  He has lust for anything with swimsuits, tight clothing, and anything seen in playboy.

 Katie is Peno's owner. She adopted him at eh city pound just before he was put to sleep...FOR GOOD.   She lives with her mom and step dad.
Bubba "Stovepipe" Johnson

Bubba"Stovepipe"Johnson is a vulgar redneck who lives behind Peno. He is a constant neighborhood nuisance. 

   Mike & Leroy

Mike and Leroy are two bumbling dog catchers who hates Peno...WITH A PASSION.

   Melvin The Alcoholic Squirrel
  Melvin is a squirrel who drinks too much.  He spends his time tormenting Stovepipe Johnson by sneaking on his property stealing his beer, Jimmy Bean, and Jack Daniels.















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